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The Tougher It Is To See It


24 Mar 2010 - Outdoor Activity

Soon... Will Come...

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StefyAnie said...

hahaha :D~ you should make your own comic la Sandra :P~

i'm still trying to figure out how to do it *whatever u called it :)

SLYFox said...

Hahaha... what la u mean?? figure out wat?

Bella Belle said...

iya. cute comic :)like it too!
Maybe Steffie was talking about your cute mini tiny characters..

I rememba u mentioned u are using this cute Maple characters' software.. It's kinda cool to write or create something with it.. *something= storyline* =)) keep it up! hehe


SLYFox said...

Haha thx ppl. The characters are generated using a simulator can get it at ... then kena plan la the story while do the characters 1 by 1.. hehe..

StefyAnie said...

hehe... maplestimulator huh.,. ill try again later.. i cuti od.. so will try if i can do it.. last time i tried but failed miserably.. macam gila nih me dunno how to use it..hahaha.. sandra u ni it genius owh kan.. you did quite a lot of things already.. i think i need to expose myself more la to this technologie..

oppss forget.. ya Bella you're right thats what i mean.. the cartoon really attract me bha.. very cute..


StefyAnie said...

owh ya.. sandra "YOU HAVE BEEN TAG"
i forgot.