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15 Sep 2009 - What is Dudu?

Good Day~!

What is dudu?

Dudu can be used creatively as long as you understand how to use it. Just like how West Malaysian people mistakenly use the word 'bah' for not knowing how to use it correctly.

Dudu in the Sabah Baby Talk means Painful, Hurtful... I think it comes from the word 'Aduh'.
In the short comic above, BF calls SLYFox dudu because BF doesn't know how to use it. I'm kidding. Its because 'dudu' sounds cute on her! (Of course, anything will suit her) :D

I have a friend gave me an example after knowing the meaning of dudu...
It goes something like this: Imagine in the movies where the guy got knocked over a car, fell to the ground and shouted "DUDUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU!!!!!"... LMAO... I know you are not laughing. Haha...

22 Aug 2009 - The Boyfriend

Hello people! Its been a long time... Grrr...

This is the only thing I have in mind right now... Nothing else to post. :P